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Supported file formats for images and photos
Photos taken within the AppSuite app have the supported .JPEG file format. The .PNG file format is also supported by AppSuite. Therefore, it is recommended that AppSuite users either take photos within the AppSuite app (.JPEG format) or to configure the device camera app to store photos in the supported formats .JPEG or .PNG.
If the device’s camera app (outside AppSuite) stores photos / images in HEIC/HEIF format, these cannot be used in AppSuite, because AppSuite does not support HEIC/HEIF images selected from a device library / gallery on Android or iOS. An error message is displayed if the selected file format is not supported. Unsupported image formats in existing jobs are processed into a TEXT communication log instead of a PHOTO communication log. If you require photos for administrative purposes, you are advised to reassign the order, so that the field engineer can take new photos in a supported format.