Rebooting the application server service is required when switching or upgrading from one database platform to another.
Unicode character sets are supported.
Supported database platforms
*Note that the future release numbers are subject to change in the course of time.
Database platforms
Supported editions SE1, SE, EE and PE.
XE is not supported.
During a Planon database upgrade, the Oracle Enterprise Edition database option Basic table compression is not supported, as this option makes it impossible to add columns to tables including default values.
Oracle: all versions
Only supports datapump exports.
Transparent Database Encryption is supported. Note that this is only true for Oracle EE.
The use of Pluggable Databases (PDBs) is supported.
Oracle locator must be installed.
Microsoft SQL Server
All editions of a specific version are supported.
Setting the containment type to Partial is giving issues and is currently not supported.
Microsoft SQL Server: all versions
SQL Server transparent data encryption is supported. Note that this is only true for the Enterprise Editions of SQL Server.
SQL-based and Windows-based authentication are supported.
READ_COMMITTED_SNAPSHOT must be ON, see Deadlock prevention for details (Installation Guide).