Planon Web Client
The supported configurations listed in the below table are valid for the following clients:
Planon Web Client
Planon Self-Service embedded in third party solution or as standalone web pages
Supported configurations
Hardware must be able to run the operating systems and browsers specified below.
Browser window resolution higher than 1024x768 px
*The minimum resolution of configuration tools such as Layouts (as of L29) is 1680 * 1050
Browser zoom level support is based on the screen resolution, as an indication:
1920px = 75% - 150%
1280px = 75% - 125%
1024px = 75% - 100%
Please note: higher window resolutions may be required when using Browser zoom in combination with text scaling (accessibility-) features of your operating system:
Browser zoom of 200% requires a minimum resolution of 1920x1080 pixels with a maximum text scale factor of 100%
For 4k screens, OS text scaling can be up to 125% to allow 200% browser zoom.
Other resolutions mentioned earlier assume a maximum OS text scale factor of 100%.
Though Planon functionality is supported in the above screen resolutions, some components may look slightly different in resolutions other than 100%.
Keyboard and Mouse
Memory required for CAD Integrator
8 GB RAM or more