Planon Live app
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The Planon Live app can be used as of Planon L87 and later versions. Currently, the following app modules are available.
Workplace app modules: Bookings, Colleagues, My inventory, Spaces, Requests, External links, Reservations.
PMFS Live app modules: Work assignments, Assets, Orders.
Assets module (as independently licensed module).
Does the app support SSO?
The mobile app only supports SAML SSO, that is available on Cloud. If a customer uses SAML SSO, this is also applied on the app and that works like other apps on your device authenticated with SSO.
On premise
There is no standard Planon SSO option available. The on premise SSO options supported by Planon (Waffle/Spnego) all require a Windows SSO, which mobile devices do not have. If an on premise customer has SSO configured, they should add a separate tomcat server to allow for a user name/password login on the Planon Live app.
It is possible for a customer to use SAML SSO on premise, but that is a custom implementation, and is not supported by Planon 'out of the box'. For more information please contact Planon Support (ICC).
Waffle SSO is NOT supported, since the device is not part of the domain.
MDM tools
Your company might be using Mobile Device Management (MDM) tools, such as Microsoft Intune or Mobile Iron, to manage the company's devices and apps. If MDM tools are used, be aware that it is possible to use the Planon Live app by publishing the default Planon Live app through the company portal or application store provided by the MDM tool. However, the Planon Live app does not support any configuration changes that are pushed by the MDM tool (such as settings that prevent or disable screen captures, copy/paste, authentication parameters, and so on).