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Planon Mobile Field Services
*Support of PMFS (Movilizer) will cease as of 1-January 2021.
Operating systems
The following operating systems are supported by Planon Mobile Field Services:
Android: minimum supported version of supplier to Android 8 (Oreo) as of Planon Mobile client 2.4.7
iOS: minimum supported version of supplier to 11 (as per client version 2.4.11)
Windows Phone 8 and 8.1
Windows 10 (for mobile devices)
Movilizer Cloud
*Customers using PMFS must upgrade to SP6 or higher, before June 1, 2017.
Security, speed and robustness are key ingredients in the new release of the Movilizer Cloud. In order to use the full potential of this new release, we have implemented necessary changes to our PMFS Connecter, that will be released in Service Packs for Suite Releases 2013 onwards. As part of our agreement with Movilizer, we will upgrade our Movilizer Cloud in the first week of June 2017 to ensure continued support for our customers, including the ability to adopt support for new versions of mobile operating systems.
After the upgrade of the Movilizer Cloud, customers with a non-compatible PMFS connector will not be able to use PMFS. Please make the necessary arrangements to upgrade as quickly as possible to the service packs mentioned above.