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PC clients
The Planon software suite is supported to run on PCs.
Browser and OS Compatibility Statement
We understand that our users may use various combinations of Internet browsers and Operating Systems.
We like and aim for our users to have the best possible experience on their mobile device using the browser or OS version of their choice.
However, Planon recognizes that it is impossible to develop applications that work identically, efficiently and effectively on all types of browsers and operating systems, so as a company we only officially support the versions mentioned below. Other browsers or operation system versions may work, but we do not guarantee that or give support on that.
Supported Browsers
Google Chrome (latest version)
Chromium Edge (latest version, supported as of Planon Live version L58 - Web client only)
Mozilla Firefox (latest version - Web client only)
Operating system
Windows 10
Windows 8
Terminal server/ remote desktop (64 bit only - Web client only)
PC clients