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Planon App
The following operating systems are supported by the Planon App:
All Android releases currently supported by Google
Last two iOS releases currently supported by Apple
The Planon App will be supported until release L76 (1 December 2021). If you upgrade to a software version after December 01, 2021 (L76) the Planon App will no longer work.
Planon App will remain in the app stores until December 01, 2022.
Planon has developed a new mobile self-service solution: the Planon Live Workplace engagement app. It is built on a new platform with the latest security and accessibility features and is designed to enable the office workplace user to engage with their work environment by exploring, navigating and requesting workplace facilities and services in a simple, effective and efficient manner. Please contact your account manager for information about the possibilities of the new Workplace Engagement App and how to obtain it.